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Inattentive Gorilla

What’s a Gorilla got to do with my Focus?

What do Technology and a Gorilla have in common? How are they connected to my focus and inattention? Reliance on technology – phones, tablets, ipads, laptops is pervasive today and a necessary part of most of our professional lives. A report by the Nielsen Company found Americans spend nearly half the day on a screen…

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ScreenTime and Kids: iPads, Computers, Phones – Oh My!

By Andrea Granath, LCSW Screens.  The world we live in today is swamped with these magical machines and we now measure screentime as part of daily living. As adults, we often have no choice but to be a part of the tech world.  We need them for work, for family scheduling, for communicating and of…

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The Center for NeuroPotential can help your kids get back into a routine after the holidays.

Getting Back On Track After the Holidays

      So, the holidays are over, but the kids are still in vacation mode.  They have had over a week of fun, free time and family gatherings.  Add to that a diet that has probably consisted of things that are less than healthy.  January can truly be a month that starts out feeling…

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Executive Skills

ADHD and Executive Skills

Are you the parent of a teenager with ADHD? If so, then you probably see some weaknesses, as well as some strengths, in the area of executive skills.  What are executive skills?  They are the skills that your teen needs to be able to manage different tasks, problems and emotions that he/she will confront on…

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Fireworks and PTSD

Fireworks, PTSD and Triggering

  The 4th of July holiday is traditionally the official start of Summer fun and celebrations. It is generally a fun time with picnics and social gatherings, often with public firework displays. The use of fireworks is an American tradition that many look forward to. However, for those who have experienced interpersonal violence, or been…

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