Neurofeedback Middletown CT

Drug-free options like neurofeedback have become more prevalent in treating psychological disorders. It can increase the efficiency of your brain functions and help you complete specific tasks or actions better. If you’re looking for clinics offering neurofeedback in Middletown, CT, contact us, at Center for NeuroPotential, to discuss treatment strategies.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (NFB) uses a computerized program to evaluate your brainwave activity. Your brain activity comprises of several signals that work at various frequencies. Certain types of brain signals are better suited to certain types of tasks and actions.

With psychological disorders, your brain may use the wrong type of signals when performing certain tasks which cause you to perform poorly or inefficiently. NFB uses a gamified program that uses audio and visual cues to ‘restructure’ your brain activity so that you use the correct signals at the correct frequencies for tasks. In short, NFB makes your brain functions more efficient.

This means that you don’t have to have a psychological disorder to benefit from NFB. People with all sorts of occupations, from actors, athletes to CEOs have used NFB treatments to help them perform better at their jobs. Considering that your brain and the central nervous system are responsible for your body’s functioning, the NFB treatments can easily improve your physiological performances.

What to expect at neurofeedback sessions

First, you will need to find a licensed therapist who is qualified to handle neurofeedback equipment and computerized programs. If you’re looking for a clinic specializing in neurofeedback in Middletown, CT, contact us or visit our website to find out more about NFB treatments.

In neurofeedback treatments, you will have multiple once-a-week ‘training’ sessions, lasting for about 20 weeks. The exact treatment duration will depend on your condition and what progress you want to achieve. During these sessions, your therapist will attach a mask to your scalp with various sensors on it.

These sensors detect brain activity and brainwave frequencies in several regions of your brain and relay this information to the computerized program. The program will train your brain to develop healthier or more efficient responses to certain audio or visual stimuli. This will not only improve your immediate state of mind but your long-term stability as well. 

What conditions does NFB benefit?

There’s an extensive body of research supporting the use of NFB for treating various psychological disorders such as ADHD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Your therapist can evaluate how effective NFB will be for your particular condition and severity.

NFB can also benefit people in high-pressure occupations such as athletes, musicians, and CEOs. For the latter in particular, healthy brain activity is essential for tasks like time management, multi-tasking, and working in stress-filled environments.

Are you looking for licensed therapists qualified in neurofeedback in Middletown, CT? The Center for NeuroPotential provides NFB treatment for those with psychological disorders, or those simply wanting to improve the efficiency of their brain activity.