Support for Parkland

 Support for Parkland 



A Journey Of Hope: Communal Trauma: An Overview

Live Presentation January 6, 2019

A Journey Of Hope: Communal Trauma: Anniversary Reactions and Grief

Live Presentation January 6, 2019

A Journey Of Hope: Communal Trauma: Effective Treatments

Live Presentation January 6, 2019

Blogs & Articles

Free Trauma Training
National trauma expert prepares local therapists for one year since Parkland shooting
Grieving mother
Anniversary Grief



Bilateral Music/Binaural Beats

Theta Wave Music (sleep)

Meditation                                  (Link to Free Page for Parkland)

  • Magic Island (Mehling)
  • Mindfulness Meditations for Teens (Bodhipaksa)
  • Guided Imagery Mix (Naparstek)
  • Help with Sleep (Naparstek)
  • Relieve Stress (Naparstek)
  • Ease Grief (Naparstek)
  • Help for Trauma (Naparstek)


What is Trauma Therapy?

There are evidenced-based treatment therapies effective for PTSD which we believe are superior.  These all work directly on the brain to provide extinction of the trauma memories.



Therapy Chat
Woman Worriers
Woman Worriers Podcast

For Professionals

EMDR Consultation

I am a Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant in Training. I provide individual and group consultation in person or via teleconference for therapists that are working towards their basic training hours or certification hours.

Special EMDR Consultation groups for Parkland area therapists provided by HIPPA compliant video conferencing.

Call 475-221-8142 to register or email [email protected]

Psychoaromatherapy Consultation
Lavendar image for relax your brain blog

PsychoAromatherapy Consultation

Consultation and mentoring to support the safe, ethical use of Therapeutic Aromatherapy with clients. Email[email protected]

Continuing Education

The Center for NeuroPotential is launching  a variety of continuing education online learning.

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