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The Center for NeuroPotential’s blog posts contain information about the ADHD.  Read our blogs and learn about brain-based strategies to improve ADHD!

The Center for NeuroPotential offers several clinical services.  We provide counseling, also known as psychotherapy, to children and adults.  Neurofeedback, which is brain wave training, is also provided for both children and adults.  Neuropsychological evaluations are available for individuals 18 and over.

For more information, contact us at 475-221-8142.  We are located at 173 Montowese Street in Branford, CT.

We are in-network with Anthem.

Gorilla and Focus

How are a Gorilla, My phone and My Focus Connected?

  What do Technology, Focus and a Gorilla have in common? At first glance, it doesn’t seem they could be related. When it comes to sustained focus, they are more connected than you realize. A recent report by the Nielsen Company concluded Americans spend nearly half of their waking lives on a screen of some…

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Brain Image for Attention and Neurofeedback blog

Want to Improve your Attention? Try Neurofeedback

Let’s face it, we all have lapses in our attention. You know how it goes…you finally sit down to work on a project and you find yourself daydreaming or working on something else. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; there are thousands of examples. Ever get that sinking feeling when you walk into a…

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Mindfulness reminder: Be here now

Want to Improve your Attention?
Week One: Mindfulness

By now, you’ve been bombarded with Back to School advertisements, painfully reminding you that summer is coming to an end. Whether you are in school or not, the end of summer typically signals an end to vacations and time to “buckle down.” In this spirit, I’m going to offer you a series of weekly tips…

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