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Inattentive Gorilla

What’s a Gorilla got to do with my Focus?

What do Technology and a Gorilla have in common? How are they connected to my focus and inattention? Reliance on technology – phones, tablets, ipads, laptops is pervasive today and a necessary part of most of our professional lives. A report by the Nielsen Company found Americans spend nearly half the day on a screen…

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Exercise and dehydration

Brain Health, Dehydration and Extreme Heat

Did you know that poor hydration can impair your brain’s function?   Dehydration impacts physical health and brain health. Your body is approximately 65% water and is very sensitive to the effects of dehydration. We are all susceptible to dehydration during extreme heat and the impact can happen quickly. Even brief periods of dehydration –…

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Daylight savings time

Adjusting to Day-light Savings Time

Daylight saving time occurred this weekend and for many, it leaves us feeling groggy and extra tired. For those who struggle with insomnia or work rotating schedules, this one-hour shift in time can cause even more difficulty in getting restful and restorative sleep. You may feel a bit jet-lagged as a result. According to holistic…

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