Five Star Testimonials and Reviews for the Center for NeuroPotential


“I am a neurologist who has had the great pleasure of working alongside the incredible clinicians at the Center for Neuropotential:. Amy Palmer, PsyD and Deb Delvecchio Scully LPC. Having The Center for Neuropotential as a resource providing comprehensive and insightful neuropsychological testing and evaluations in conjunction with treatment for complex psychological conditions is absolutely priceless and incredibly valuable to my practice and the community at large. I am grateful for all they have done and will continue to do for my patients moving forward. I recommend Amy and Deb without reservation. They are an incredibly talented team of clinicians who are leaders in their field, striving for the very best in clinical judgement, clinical testing and overall patient care.

Hands down the Best!”

Jennifer Werely, MD


I have known Deb Scully for more than 5 years and shared countless patients with her acting as a private therapist - I am an osteopathic family physician and specialize in chronic pain. Her expertise and caring for patients with extraordinary circumstances is unparalleled and she has an uncanny ability to steer people in the right direction to achieve healing with a seemingly endless array of approaches to mental health.
She is always the first person I refer my patients to.
Tonya Cremin, DO
The advancement in technology to treat psychological trauma has opened the doors of hope to many of our patients who have not had much success with traditional approaches. And if you pair high quality technology with high quality professionals, the opportunity to heal and empower people to rebuild and enjoy their lives grows exponentially.
I know the quality of professionals Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC and Amy Palmer, Psy. D.
Their knowledge, experience, depth, clarity and warmth in their way to treat people, are just few of the many characteristics that distinguishes them in the field. I wish they open a center in Central Florida soon!
I also have to add that I have had experienced one of their modalities of neurofeedback, where after the assessment I can use a special device in my head, connect it to a program tailored to my needs, and do daily sessions. It has been amazing!! The consistent use of the device allowed me to feel a sense of calm in my brain. I noticed a decrease in anxiety, an increase in my ability to stay focused, and a flexibility in thought. It has been a game changer!! Thank you Deb for your guidance and support in this process.
Diana Castano, LMHC
Orlando, Florida


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