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Train Your Brain and You Will Change Your World


Providing Neurofeedback and  Counseling Services in Branford, CT






Girl studying in class. Neurofeedback in Connecticut can help improve attention and mood.

Learn how Neurofeedback can help problems with attention and mood

Counseling & EMDR

Providing psychotherapy services for Children and Adults


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- Train your brain -

Are you looking for medication-free options to help with mood or attention? Neurofeedback may be the solution you are looking for.


- Reset your brain -

Feel like anxiety, trauma, or depression is holding you back? Counseling with one of our clinicians can be your path to freedom.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

- Assess your brain -

Concerned about your brain functioning? Testing may provide answers and a path forward.

Professional Development

- Teach others how to train their brain  -

Learn how to integrate brain-based interventions in your clinical practice.

NeuroPotential is Life Changing


Hello. We're the Center for NeuroPotential.

We are the brain experts who understand and value the mind-body-brain connection, and view each individual as having extraordinary resilience and capacity for growth.

By providing state of the art assessment, treatment, coaching and training, and using the latest brain-based research and technology, we can help you reach your full potential.

Our clinicians provide neuropsychological evaluations, neurofeedback and counseling in Branford, CT.